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About Us

Headquarter Honda is the first auto dealership in Florida to achieve the highest certification of the United States Green Building Council (LEED Platinum-Certified) & the 3rd commercial building statewide.

L.E.E.D. stands for ''Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

It is a genuine commitment made by the owner's entire family. Built by local contractors with 100% local materials; Headquarter Honda also employs a 100% local workforce.

We are able to save an average of 35% in energy costs by being green. We graciously pass those savings on to our customers!

General Information

We opened our doors to the general public on Earth Day 2010 to commemorate our entry into the Central Florida community; and on a meaningful date that honors our beautiful Planet's special day.


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Rep/Contact Info

Jeronimo Esteve
General Manager
Sandi Ferguson
Accounts Payable
Gayle Tomasini
Executive Assistant and Customer Relations